A quality-conscious volunteer organization


Belgian Red Cross-Flanders has clear plans for the future and a clear idea of how we want to achieve them. Our approach is summarized in four guidelines. Our ambition is to inspire our volunteers and to collaborate more with external organizations and the government. We also aim to offer a top-level, high-quality assistance and to maintain a high profile.

Inspiring volunteers

As a volunteer organization, it is vital that Belgian Red Cross-Flanders inspires and nurtures its volunteers and offers them an attractive environment. We therefore focus heavily on support and training for our volunteers. Regular refresher and further training is essential, as it is the only way of ensuring that we continue to work effectively and expertly. We have also improved the flow of communication to volunteers and simplified expense recording.

Training of Intervention volunteers
First aid trainer training
FACE 2012
Training for Care volunteers
Red Cross Youth training
International Cooperation Training
Volunteer policy and communication
Online expenses application

Working together to achieve greater impact

Working together delivers great benefits for our organization and the people we help. By enhancing and expanding our collaboration, we can reach more people and our actions will have even greater social impact. We are therefore committed to working more closely and extensively with external organizations, other Red Cross Societies and the government.

Collaboration with external organizations
Collaboration with other Red Cross Societies
Collaboration with the government


Offering top-level, high-quality assistance

Our ambition is for everything we do to be evidence-based. We therefore invested in developing our research strategy in 2012. We also aim to be an efficient organization that makes the best possible use of available manpower and resources. We therefore strive for more internal cooperation and synergies.

Collaboration within the Red Cross
More effective and efficient event first aid
ISO-certification for emergency reception center
Blood Service Centralization
Research and development strategy


Maintaining a high profile

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders is a strong brand. In 2012, we made our voice heard in the social debate: we worked to promote international humanitarian law and we provided high-quality reception for asylum seekers. We also raised the profile of our care activities and ensured a clear positioning for the Blood Service.

Red Cross on the street
Promoting international humanitarian law
Care activities in the spotlight
Positioning the Blood Service
Asylum seeker reception centers: community outreach
First aid for kids