FACE 2012

FACE 2012 in Dundalk

FACE (First Aid Convention Europe) is an annual competition for first-aiders from all European Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, at which first aid teams from different European countries compete with one another. The teams take turns to deal with simulated emergency situations or accidents and provide first aid as effectively as they can in a limited time. Their performance is assessed by a jury. Once all teams have completed the various tests, the winning team is announced.

In 2012, Belgian Red Cross-Flanders was represented by a first aid team from Flemish Brabant. The team members trained intensively for several months: during training sessions and a training weekend, they were prepared in first aid knowledge, English medical terminology and working as a team.

This motivated team represented Belgium in Dundalk, Ireland, from July 5 to 8, and finished in tenth place.

Looking ahead to FACE 2014 in Antwerp

In 2014, FACE is coming to Flanders. Belgian Red Cross-Flanders and the city of Antwerp will be organizing the event in close collaboration.

Our aims in hosting FACE 2014 are to:

  • offer the National Red Cross Societies a professionally organized competition with an entertaining program of fringe events;
  • showcase Belgian Red Cross-Flanders to the general public and other National Red Cross Societies as a leading organization in the field of first aid provision and training; 
  • promote the Red Cross in Flanders and Antwerp;
  • showcase Flanders, and Antwerp in particular, on the international stage.
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