Collaboration with the government

Coaching of FPS Justice guardians

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders is committed to help provide high-quality reception for asylum seekers. As part of this, we assign staff guardians to look after unaccompanied minors.

W also want to share our experience and knowledge with novice guardians. We therefore proposed to the FPS Justice’s Custodial Care Department that we start coaching inexperienced guardians.

Drawing up a life plan for a young person is a very complex and personal thing. New guardians therefore have to go through a learning process. As a guardian, you are active in many areas of the young person’s life, including, for example, psychosocial support, reception options, legal issues regarding the right to stay in Belgium, communication, networking, liaising with official organizations, deciding on what is in the young person’s best interests, and so on. Our coaching is based around the different phases of guardianship and starts with the questions asked by guardians  themselves.

We foster a group mentality among volunteer guardians, who often do not work as a team. This helps them to cope better with the heavy responsibility and encourages them to support one another. At our coaching sessions, guardians meet up regularly to discuss the various aspects of guardianship and to share tips and experiences. Between meetings, they can ask questions by e-mail or discuss specific cases. The coach can guide them and give additional information where necessary.

Finally, we advise the guardians about contacts with official bodies.

The pilot project began in January 2012 with a new group of trained guardians. Two groups were started in 2012, with a total of around 20 participants.

Guidelines on sports injuries

At the request of the Flemish government, we developed a set of first aid guidelines in 2012 for recreational and competitive sportsmen and women. The guidelines are intended to inform the target group about prevention and first aid for sporting injuries.

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