Collaboration within the Red Cross

Revised trainer pathway

All Belgian Red Cross-Flanders first aid instructors receive extensive training. To a large extent their training needs are identical, namely a thorough knowledge of first aid techniques  combined with sound teaching skills for relaying the course content.

In 2012, a working group consisting of volunteers and professionals examined the course pathway for first aid instructors. The result is a common and efficient trainer pathway for youth workers, Relief Service instructors, first aid trainers and simulator trainers, in which the aspects specific to each type of trainer are taken into account. The common pathway was approved in August 2012 and will be rolled out across Flanders in 2013.

The working group also determined the admission criteria, content and organizational arrangements for the training, as well as the policy on exemptions. This makes it easier for trainers to retrain as a different type of instructor.

The current staff responsible for overseeing the trainer pathway were retrained and were given practical support in the form of a manual for each module and educational material.

The train-the-trainer training for school first aid trainers was also optimized in line with the revised trainer pathway. As of 2013, a school first aid trainer can also easily retrain as a voluntary trainer with Belgian Red Cross-Flanders.

School brochures

For a number of years, Red Cross Youth has offered brochures detailing the full range of options available for primary and secondary schools. These brochures were given a facelift in 2012.

The brochures were produced through close cooperation between all Belgian Red Cross-Flanders services. They span multiple services and contain information about introductory first aid, lesson packs on humanitarian assistance and giving blood, the roll-play game on separated families, the workshop on life in an asylum seeker reception center, and so on. They inform teachers and pupils about the wide range of Red Cross activities and products for schools.

The brochures contain references to our schools website, where teaching material can be downloaded or ordered.

In 2012, the brochures were disseminated at  education fairs, to members of the Health Promotion Committee of the Flemish Education Council (VLOR) and by mail to parents’ councils at primary schools. In 2013, we plan to disseminate them to parents’ councils at secondary schools and promote them among local Red Cross branches, who are in regular contact with schools.

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