First aid trainer training

If we are to provide more first aid training, we need to have well-trained instructors. Our training must keep up-to-date with the latest medical and educational advances. We therefore continued to focus on regular further/refresher training in 2012, for both internal and external trainers.

Training weekend

Some 199 first aid instructors completed further/refresher training at a national training weekend in Blankenberge on February 10-12, 2012. The trainers weekend is a family event: children and relatives enjoy a program of relaxing activities while the trainers undergo a variety of refresher and further training. Among the topics dealt with were breathing problems, eye injuries, active learning techniques and first aid for traffic accidents.

Training for school first aid trainers

As well as internal Belgian Red Cross-Flanders trainers, we also train teachers and lecturers in accordance with the train-the-trainer principle. They then pass on what they have learnt to their pupils and students.

In 2012, 77 school first aid trainers completed the general refresher training. The topics covered included: wound care and sprains, revision of resuscitation and defibrillation techniques, working interactively during a first aid class and working with simulators. All school first aid trainers  were also trained in the new guidelines on AED use in 2012.

The education website now includes a secure download module in which school first aid trainers can find administrative documents and  educational materials to help them provide high-quality classes. 

Kruisband goes digital

First aid instructors are sometimes faced with questions to which they cannot find answers in the basic lesson material. Our Kruisband magazine allows trainers to prepare for this by placing first aid topics into a broader framework.

In 2012, Kruisband went digital. The articles can be downloaded individually from the volunteer website. This makes it easier for trainers to find information on specific topics and to store articles.

Articles may be either medical or educational in focus. In 2012, articles were published on aneurysms, eye injuries, diabetes, shock, active involvement of trainees and trainer body language.

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