Positioning the Blood Service

Science Day

To mark Science Day on November 25, an event was organized to inform the general public about the role of science and research within the Red Cross. Both the Centre for Evidence-Based Practice (CEBaP) and the Transfusion Research Center (TReC) took part.

CEBaP organized a workshop entitled ‘Be a Red Cross detective’ which provided a light-hearted insight into how Belgian Red Cross-Flanders comes up with reliable answers and advice based on scientific literature studies, in areas such as first aid. TReC organized a ‘Blood in the mix’ tour at its high-tech laboratory. Visitors could also visit the Science Café for answers to such questions as ‘Are Vikings allowed to give blood?’.

Around 100 people took part in the activities.

Excellence in hospital management

Jaarlijks Every year we organize the ‘Excellence in Hospital Management’ Quality Award, in partnership with KU Leuven’s Centre for Health Services and Nursing Research. Our aim is to encourage hospitals to implement long-term quality policies, given that a constant focus on high-quality care is essential to good medical provision.

The 2012 Quality Award was won by OLV Hospital in Aalst for its uniform, interdisciplinary and cross-campus approach to tackling gestational diabetes. The ‘Gestational diabetes care pathway’ project aims to screen pregnant women for the condition and offer them suitable treatment. The hospital received a check for €12,500 to further develop the initiative.

The main reason why the jury chose this project was the fact that the care pathway is based on a preventive approach and is responding to a social demand. Other aspects that scored highly were the use of new scientific knowledge and understanding, the collaboration between different professional groups and the efforts to target the hardest-to-reach and highest-risk group of patients

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