Red Cross on the street

14-day sticker sale

Van From April 26 to May 10, thousands of Red Cross volunteers took to the streets to sell Red Cross stickers. Some 526,000 stickers were sold, raising a total of €2.63 million.

The sticker sale is a major source of income for local Red Cross branches. The money raised is used to fund their day-to-day operations: buying  materials, training volunteers, organizing first aid training, and so on.

For the first time we asked a singer-songwriter to compose a song especially for the sticker campaign. Jelle Cleymans came up with ‘Afspraak aan het kruispunt’ (‘Meeting at the crossroads’) with accompanying video clip. The title refers to the many crossroads at which Red Cross volunteers sell stickers but also to those times in life when people have to make choices and may need a helping hand, from the Red Cross for example.

A number of radio stations included the song on their playlist. Jelle Cleymans also appeared on radio and TV shows to promote the song.  

Fundraising for Adapted vacations

In 2012, we raised money for our Adapted vacations service. These are holidays for people who are unable to go on vacation without assistance or adapted accommodation due to illness, disability or old age.

We believe that a vacation is a basic universal right. We therefore want to triple the number of places available on our Adapted vacations. We can only achieve this ambitious target by raising the profile of the scheme sufficiently.

To do this, we decided to recruit a team of fundraisers to inform passers-by on the street, at fairs and events about the existence and importance of Adapted vacations and then ask them, with no obligation, whether they would be willing to support the scheme. Our aim was not just to raise money but also to raise the profile of our care activities among the general public and to recruit extra volunteers.

This new method of fundraising was trialed between December 2012 and February 2013. 500 people pledged to give monthly support. Click here for more details (in Dutch).

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