Training for Care volunteers

Library service

In 2011, ‘Zorgbib’, Belgian Red Cross-Flanders’ library on wheels, introduced a new concept called the 'praatcafé' (literally ‘chat café’). The aim of the 'praatcafé' is to bring together volunteers to exchange experiences, discuss problems and provide informal training.  It proved to be a valuable method for motivating volunteers to take part in training.
We therefore organized more 'praatcafés' in 2012. Some 175 ‘Zorgbib’ volunteers took part (52 more than in 2011), equivalent to 18% of the total volunteer pool (compared with 14% in 2011).

At the volunteers’ request, the ‘good visit’ 'praatcafé' (on establishing boundaries and dealing with difficult situations) was organized once again in collaboration with Social Welfare and the Social Intervention Service. In total, 76 volunteers in five locations completed the training.

Adapted vacations

For Adapted vacations, 49 volunteers took part in basic ‘daily life’ training. At workshops on incontinence, hygiene and wheelchair techniques, they learnt the skills needed to look after holidaymakers.

The advanced training was completed by 29 participants, while 24 attended the introductory session for new volunteers.

Rental service

64 rental service volunteers took part in basic training, consisting of an induction day and quality assurance training.

Vacation camps

58 people completed the basic BaseKamp XL training, including new and experienced counselors, new and experienced logistical staff, head counselors and support staff. 28 participants opted for the abridged BaseKamp basic training. The head counselor weekend was attended by 23 head counselors.

Home in my home - Just pop in

40 volunteers took part in the basic training for ‘Home in my home’ and ‘Just pop in’, at various locations.

Bridging the Gap 

Three training sessions were organized for the ‘Bridging the Gap’ scheme, attended by a total of 32 trainees.

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