Volunteer policy and communication

A good volunteer policy should support volunteer work. To this end, a volunteer policy coordinator was appointed in 2012.

One of the objectives of volunteer policy is to improve the flow of information from management bodies to volunteers and vice versa. As a volunteer organization, we believe it is important that every volunteer  is given high-quality information in a uniform way. That is why we launched a process in 2012 to improve the quality of communication flow where necessary.

We introduced a system of PowerPoint presentations, which help regional and branch presidents to inform their volunteers and discuss issues at their meetings. To enable an optimal flow of information from management bodies to volunteers, we give the presidents structured messages to relay. Specially designed  icons clearly indicate the type of information, message content, action to be taken and timing.

We also fostered interaction by encouraging branches to discuss certain topics and report back information in a structured way. The outcome of a discussion can therefore flow back to other management bodies via the management line. In this way we also improved communication from volunteers to management bodies.

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