Caring for the vulnerable

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders is there for the most vulnerable in our society: older people, the sick, people with disabilities, children with a difficult home life, and so on. Our care activities may be less visible but they make a world of difference to the thousands of people who rely on them. A few words of encouragement or a helping hand can work wonders.

Caring for the vulnerable is central to our international operations as well. In our reception centers we ensure that asylum seekers are supported and looked after as well as possible, while our Tracing Service has been reuniting people separated by conflict or natural disaster for the past 75 years.

Caring for older people, the sick and people with disabilities

Older people, the sick and people with disabilities often need extra social contact. 'Zorgbib', our mobile library service for care homes and hospitals, brings a book and a friendly face. Volunteers visit older people in their own homes or in care homes: a chat, a cup of coffee or a walk can make a huge difference. For older people and people with a disability we organize Adapted vacations.

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Caring for children

Children who grow up in a deprived environment are often unable to participate in social activities and end up being sidelined. To help these children, we organized more of our unforgettable vacation camps in 2012. Many underprivileged children also fall behind at school. ‘Bridging the Gap’ volunteers help these children with their homework.

Vacation camps
'Bridging the Gap'

Caring for asylum seekers

Every year millions of people flee war, hunger or persecution. In our reception centers we offer asylum seekers accommodation, meals and clothing, a range of activities, as well as social and psychological support. We took on additional ‘guardians’ in 2012 to look after the many unaccompanied minors in our care.  Finally, we promoted self-reliance among asylum seekers  by allowing them to participate as fully as possible in center life and encouraged them to think about and discuss their future prospects.

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Caring for separated families

In the aftermath of natural disasters or major conflicts, people can become separated from their loved ones. The Tracing Service tracks down missing people, reestablishes contact and reunites them with their families through the worldwide Red Cross network. Tracing celebrated its 75th birthday in 2012, which was a great opportunity to put our tracing work in the spotlight.

Tracing celebrates 75 years
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