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Trafic at our reception center

Origin of asylum seekers

Family status of new asylum seekers

In 2012, we received 5,465 asylum seekers at our regular centers. Of these, 3,844 were new arrivals. A number of key trends were observable in the family status of new asylum seekers.

More single men

In 2011, the majority of newly arrived asylum seekers at our regular centers were families. Just 25% of new arrivals were single men. In 2012, the percentage of single men among the new arrivals rose to 38%. This can be partly explained by the drop in arrivals from so-called ‘safe’ countries.

More unaccompanied minors

Due to the pressing need for reception places for unaccompanied foreign minors, we created an additional 15 places in Overpelt (for 10 to 14-year-olds), 15 in Wingene (for those aged 17 and over) and eight in Menen in 2012. Most of the new unaccompanied minors were Afghan boys.

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