Geared up for emergencies

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders is always at the ready. We manned more first aid posts at events in 2012 than ever before. We were also on hand to provide medical and psychosocial assistance following major and minor incidents. Our most high-profile actions were following the Baltic Ace ship collision and the tragic coach crash in Sierre, Switzerland.

As well as our ourselves, we also aim to make the population as a whole more prepared for emergencies. With this in mind, in 2012 we organized psychosocial support training for local support networks and companies.

Last but not least, we also offered assistance at international level. In 2012, we provided emergency aid during the civil war in Syria as well to victims of ‘silent’ conflicts and natural disasters.

Prepared for emergencies and events

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders is well known for its medical and psychosocial assistance activities. In 2012, we were once again on hand to lend our support at major events and emergencies. The Relief Service, Social Intervention Service and Central Dispatching work together closely in this area.

Event first aid cover
Emergency assistance
Psychosocial support training
Assistance following Baltic Ace ship collision
Psychosocial support following Sierre coach crash


International emergency relief

The protracted civil war in Syria received widespread media attention in 2012. The country’s humanitarian needs are colossal. Belgian Red Cross-Flanders provided emergency relief  in Syria, as in many other countries. The Disaster Relief Emergency Fund set up by the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) also gave assistance to victims of silent conflicts and disasters.

International emergency response requires careful preparation and efficient organization. In 2012, we once again organized training for our Benelux Emergency Response Unit to ensure that we are as prepared as we can be for the next large-scale international relief operation.

Emergency relief
Syrian civil war drags on
DREF: emergency relief for silent emergencies
Benelux Emergency Response Unit
After the emergency relief