After the emergency relief

As well as providing emergency relief during and after a disaster or crisis, Belgian Red Cross-Flanders also assists victims and their relatives in other ways. We offer longer-term structural assistance to affected populations.

Reception of refugees

In disasters and wars, people flee their homes in fear for their lives. The Red Cross supports the reception of refugees and provides accommodation, medical treatment, clean drinking water and food. At the request of the government, Belgian Red Cross-Flanders is partly responsible for the reception of asylum seekers.

Tracing missing persons

In the chaos engendered by war or natural disaster, many families become separated. Belgian Red Cross-Flanders helps with tracing missing family members, disseminating Red Cross messages for family members, reuniting families and voluntary repatriation.

Restoration and reconstruction

Long after a disaster has disappeared from the media spotlight, the Red Cross continues to work at rebuilding  the country. We always combine reconstruction with development of the affected area, in order to make the population less vulnerable to future disasters.

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