Emergency relief

Conflicts and natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods often cause significant human suffering and material damage. The Red Cross or Red Crescent in the affected country is the first to respond. However, in large-scale conflicts or disasters, they are sometimes unable to cope with the situation alone. In such cases, Red Cross Societies in other countries step into the breach by providing manpower, money and/or materials.  In this way we seek to meet the most urgent needs of the affected population.

In 2012, Belgian Red Cross-Flanders provided emergency relief in the following countries:

A. The Philippines: distribution of locally purchased relief supplies following the devastation caused by a tropical cyclone

Tropical storm Washi hit the southern Philippines on December 17, 2011, leaving over 11,000 people homeless. Another 30,000 or so houses were badly damaged. Three months after the disaster, more than 4,600 families were still living in evacuation centers or with friends.

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders supported 2,000 of the most vulnerable families by distributing relief items such as mosquito nets, jerrycans and hygiene kits.

B. Sudan: improving conditions for refugees in four camps in East Sudan

C. Syria: financial support and material assistance in the form of one ambulance for the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, distribution of 10,000 blankets and five medical relief kits.

D. Pakistan: completion of the rehabilitation of two basic health centers in the southern province of Sindh following the catastrophic floods of 2010 (in collaboration with the German Red Cross).

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