Psychosocial support training

In Pledge 2015 we set ourselves a clear goal to significantly increase the number of Flemish people able to give psychosocial support. To this end we organized more training in 2012 on coping with and responding to traumatic events. Our training offer was aimed at local authorities, companies, institutions and associations.

In 2012, we trained over 300 members of local psychosocial support networks (PSHs). Local officials and volunteers were trained as counselors, administrative staff and/or coordinators.
PSHs provide front-line psychosocial support in the wake of localized traumatic events. They open and man a reception center, take down initial details of those affected and identify their needs. By working closely with these PSHs, we integrate psychosocial support at a local level and can enhance the self-reliance and preparedness of local communities. We also promoted such self-reliance in other ways.

In addition, we trained employees of various large organizations such as The Brussels Airport Company, the Council of Europe, the prisons run by the FPS Justice and consular staff of the FPS Foreign Affairs. Each training is tailored to the specific context of the organization.

In addition to this external training, we also organized internal training within SIS aimed at recruiting and training existing and new volunteers. We encouraged Relief Service volunteers to complete a psychosocial support course, not only to help them perform their normal duties but also to be better prepared for emotionally challenging incidents.

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