Leaders in blood supply


Belgian Red Cross-Flanders is responsible for supplying adequate quantities of safe blood products to hospitals in Flanders on a continuous basis. In 2012, we achieved this objective with the help of many existing and new donors. We optimized the entire journey taken by a blood donation from collection through to processing. We also worked continuously on improving our quality system and on achieving a more efficient and knowledge-driven organization.

Donor recruitment

Sourcing sufficient quantities of safe blood is a major day-to-day challenge for Belgian Red Cross-Flanders. In 2012, we were supported by 191,651 donors, who donated their blood, plasma and platelets. Thanks to their commitment, we are able to supply hospitals and help hundreds of people every day. Demand for blood products remains high, so in 2012 we continued our efforts to keep donor numbers at the required level.

In search of new donors

Thank you, donors!

Donor and donation statistics

In 2012, 191,651 donors gave blood, plasma and platelets. The total number of blood products donated was 423,268. A visual overview of donor and donation statistics is given below.

Donor and donation statistics

Collection and processing

The Blood Service’s task is to supply patients with sufficient quantities of safe blood products. In 2012, we worked on improving all stages of blood collection and processing, bearing in mind that blood, plasma and platelets undergo a lengthy journey from donor to patient.

Collection: quick and easy

Storage: better temperature control

Umbilical cord blood: processing and allocation examined


The Blood Service works tirelessly to improve its quality system and to enhance its organizational efficiency and performance. Our efforts were once again confirmed by a number of inspections. Our commitment to quality ensures that we can supply hospitals with the safe blood products they require. We also strive for top quality in the service we provide to hospitals. To that end, we took a number of practical steps in 2012 to improve and expand our services.

Quality begins with the medical questionnaire

Our quality inspected

Service to hospitals improved

Service to hospitals expanded


The Blood Service wants to be more than a supplier of safe blood products. It is therefore investing heavily in diagnosis so that we can support hospitals in selecting the right blood product for each patient. In addition, Clinical Biology Laboratory processes are being streamlined and where possible automated, thereby reducing the likelihood of things going wrong. 

One accredited Clinical Biology Laboratory for Belgian Red Cross-Flanders

Screening donor samples (CELA or donor laboratory)

Compatibility testing (IH activity centers)

Carrying out tests for organ and stem cell transplant (HILA)

Innovation - R&D

It is the clearly stated ambition of Belgian Red Cross-Flanders to continue evolving into a knowledge organization. Among other things, this means that as much as possible of what we do must be based on scientific data. To achieve this objective, we continued to put our research and development strategy into practice in 2012. Staff training and the creation of a data management tool are two further components in our development as a knowledge organization.

Development of our R&D strategy

Overview of research and studies carried out in 2012

Continuous training

BI support tool