Carrying out tests for organ and stem cell transplants (HILA)

External audit

In 2012, HILA continued to meet the standards set by the European Federation of Immunogenetics (EFI).  This accreditation requires an annual internal audit and a three-yearly external audit.

Implementation of care pathways

The new care pathways for organ transplantation, stem cell transplantation and blood transfusion were implemented  in 2012. We further developed the existing consultation between the laboratory and the attending physicians in the various transplantation centers. HILA staff members and clinical biologists systematically participate in patient discussions in hospitals. The care pathways and the exchange of results to the electronic patient file were also further optimized and expanded.

Automation of protocols

In 2012, the automation of HLA(Human Leukocyte Antigen)-specific protocols was further developed and implemented in the laboratory. By automating the tests, we can increase their accuracy and improve sample and data traceability. This automation further confirms HILA’s status as a European pioneer in the field of HLA and transplantation.

For example, HILA was the first in Europe to fully automate HLA antibody detection using the Luminex method and integrate it into the laboratory IT system. The antibodies detected by this method can cause rapid, sometimes definitive, rejection of a transplanted organ. This achievement is therefore of direct benefit to patient care.

Extra role in organ transplantation diagnosis

Science is advancing all the time. With the availability of new anti-rejection drugs, the importance of HILA’s role in diagnosing rejection reactions has further expanded. 

HILA is increasingly called upon to carry out tests in cases of rejection. By detecting HLA antibodies in the patient, we can learn more about the nature of rejection reactions. The results of the tests partly determine the choice of drugs administered to the patient.

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