Collection: quick and easy


Donors give up their valuable time voluntarily to donate blood. In 2012, we made efforts to ensure that the collection process is as pleasant and smooth as possible.

A warm welcome

We always endeavor to give our donors a warm welcome. The new display boards at mobile blood collections enhance our visibility, while the printed privacy screens give donors useful information about the collection process.

Reduced waiting times

We have taken a number of steps to reduce waiting times at collections.  For example, in 2012 we introduced a new scheduling procedure. At some collections we now use a numbering system, which means that donors do not have to wait in line but can enjoy a drink while awaiting their turn to give blood.

In addition, we launched a registration system which enables us to continuously monitor waiting and throughput times and adjust them where necessary. In future we want to schedule blood collections even more efficiently using the new DRM software package. This will allow donors to check online when waiting times are shortest and book their own appointment for a blood donation. 

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