Compatibility testing (IH activity testing)


The IH activity centers operate in four regions of Flanders and are located at the university hospitals of Antwerp, Brussels, Ghent and Leuven. The Antwerp activity center acts as an internal reference center. As well as the university hospitals, other hospitals can also use these centers’ services to carry out specific tests and to request compatible blood for transfusion. In 2012, a hundred or so hospitals and laboratories availed themselves of the services of one or more activity centers.

Central management from one IH structure

In 2012, the necessary preparations were made to manage all laboratories’ operations centrally from a single IH structure with four activity centers. In this way we aim not only to standardize but also to optimize our processes.

Moving towards ISO 15189

In the second half of 2012, Belgian Red Cross-Flanders set up a working group to prepare for ISO 15189 accreditation for the four IH activity center laboratories.
ISO 15189 is the international quality standard for medical laboratories. It examines both the organization of the laboratory and the quality of the testing performed.

New process flows and protocols

In 2012, we devised the process flows for a number of specific applications. In consultation with the university hospitals, we established, among other things, a new protocol for monitoring ABO-incompatible kidney transplants. 

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