In search of new donors


Each year, some of our donors have to stop donating. Illness, pregnancy, moving house or reaching the donor age limit are the most common reasons for this.
That is why we work on a daily basis to find new donors via various channels.

Kato and Marijn give their heart

In 2012, singer Kato and singer-actor Marijn De Valck gave their heart to the Red Cross’s new recruitment campaign. Their aim was to attract 40,000 new donors in one year.

Kato and Marijn got actively involved in the search for blood donors, gave exclusive concerts and donated blood at the press conference to launch the new campaign. Kato wrote a song called ‘Ontwaak’ (‘Wake up’) especially for the campaign.

Thanks to the campaign, we had recruited 36,817 new blood donors by the end of December.

Businesses with a Heart

As in previous years, many companies raised awareness among their employees about blood donation. A total of 121 companies were awarded the ‘Business with a heart’ label in 2012, either for giving blood at an existing collection or on company premises or for recruiting donors among their staff.

The first networking event for ‘Businesses with a heart’ was held on June 14, 2012 to coincide with World Blood Donor Day. Minister-President of Flanders Kris Peeters explained why he is a committed donor and emphasized the importance of corporate social responsibility.

In a practical case study, ‘Business with a heart’ Volvo Cars presented a number of examples and tips on how a company can help people in need by means of blood donations and so display its social commitment.


In keeping with annual tradition, the non-profit organization Bloedserieus (‘Bloody Serious’), comprising student associations and the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders Blood Service, gave students and young people some extra encouragement to give blood.

Students in Flanders’ six largest university cities were able to turn up and give blood. The blood collections were organized on the campuses of colleges and universities, close to where students live. And it worked! We achieved our aim of attracting even more donors. The final donor count was just short of 15,000, an increase of 10%. Of these, 5,465 were first-time donors.

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Schools with a heart

Building on the success of 2011, we challenged a number of schools to become ‘Schools with a heart’. We asked pupils to color their school red, sing Kato’s specially composed song ‘Ontwaak’ and work with teachers and parents to help us find potential new donors. The project encourages new donors to attend blood collections. Fifteen schools took up the challenge in 2012.

Football club with a heart

Following on from businesses and schools with a heart, Flanders’ footballing fraternity also got on board with the search for new donors in 2012. September 21 saw the official launch of a partnership between the Royal Belgian Football Association and Belgian Red Cross-Flanders. The Red Devils became the first ‘Football club with a heart’. They acted as ambassadors, urging all football clubs to give blood and to raise awareness of the issue among fans and trainers. Any football team, large or small, which organizes a recruitment drive for local blood collections and comes to give blood itself can call itself a ‘Football club with a heart’. Collaboration with our local branches is very important in this respect: the contacts they make as part of this project result in a bigger turnout at local blood collections.

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