Quality begins with the medical questionnaire


The quality of blood is a key priority for the Blood Service. The safety of blood products is guaranteed by a combination of measures. For example, donors are asked to fill in a questionnaire every time they give blood. This helps to ensure that the risk of infectious diseases among our donor population is around 10 times lower than in the population as a whole. This, combined with testing of blood products, is a vital factor in guaranteeing blood product safety.

The information collected in the questionnaire is very important. Failure to provide accurate information can have serious consequences.

In late 2011, rigorous donor screening and follow-up revealed that a donor had deliberately lied when completing the medical questionnaire. As blood safety is a top priority for us,  the Governing Board of Belgian Red Cross-Flanders decided to take legal action against the donor concerned.

The examining magistrates of the Court of First Instance ruled that the allegations were founded and upheld our civil party claim.

We will continue to take action in such cases as a matter of course. Giving deliberately misleading information on the medical questionnaire is unacceptable and compromises patient safety.

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