Screening donor samples (CELA or donor laboratory)

The ISO 15189-accredited donor laboratory processes over two million samples each year. This ensures that the blood products we deliver on a daily basis are safe. Thanks to extensive automation, we can analyze blood samples quickly and make blood products available to hospitals without delay.

New test for Chagas disease

In recent years specialists have been warning of the dangers posed by Chagas disease. This parasitic disease only occurs naturally in Central and Middle America. As a precaution, all would-be blood donors from these countries were automatically rejected.

However, since June 2012, that has no longer been necessary thanks to testing for Chagas disease carried out in collaboration with the Institute of Tropical Medicine. Only individuals found to be contaminated are now turned away. By the end of 2012 we had already carried out 218 tests, all of which were negative. That meant an additional 218 donors were allowed to give blood.

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