Thank you, donors!


Day after day, blood donors give us part of themselves. They do so free of charge and selflessly. In 2012, we once again thanked our loyal donors for their dedication.

Club Red

Having been set up in 2011, Club Red really got going in 2012. Anyone who gives blood automatically becomes a member of the club. Club Red is all about thanking donors and giving them a feeling of inclusiveness and involvement. For every blood donation received in 2012, Club Red members were given one of the hearts designed by Kato and Marijn for their campaign (interne link naar ‘Kato en Marijn geven hun hart’). They also receive Redactie, a quarterly newsletter distributed at blood collections, and are regularly invited to fun activities.

Party x 4!

The now traditional annual BloedFeest! was held on September 8 to say a big thank you to all our loyal donors and their families. To enable even more donors to attend, we held the event at three separate locations for the first time, in Huizingen, Puyenbroeck and Zilvermeer.

An even bigger treat was in store for plasma and platelet donors. Three extra local activities were organized exclusively for Club Red members: Party in the cinema, city walking tours at 10 locations in Flanders and a unique visit to various museums in Belgium.

Care Day

On March 18, 2012, all Belgian Red Cross-Flanders donor centers took part in the first ever ‘Dag van de Zorg’ (‘Care Day’). This was a rare opportunity to give blood on a Sunday. No fewer than 670 people came to donate blood or plasma. Tours were organized to show visitors the complete journey taken by a drop of blood from donor to patient.

Donor Relationship Management

We implemented a new software package in 2012 with the aim of maintaining and monitoring contacts with our donors as effectively as possible.

Donor Relationship Management (DRM) is a central database  that can be consulted online. It allows donors to access appointment books at all donor centers. These books are directly linked to the data sheets of each individual donor, both active donors and candidates. The donation history includes the date when the donor last gave blood and when they are able to do so again.

The internal and external call centers that contact our existing and potential donors also use the DRM package. This means that they have full and up-to-date information about the donor when booking an appointment, resulting in smoother and more efficient conversations.

Change in rules for government employees

In June 2012 the Flemish government reduced the amount of time its officials can take off work to give blood, from a whole day to the time needed to get to and from the collection center and give the donation. The federal government introduced similar rules in December 2012.

This followed an earlier ruling by the European Court of Justice that the day off constituted compensation. However, compensation for giving blood is prohibited under Belgian law. Hence the governments’ decision to change the rules.

Many government employees come to permanent donor centers or mobile collections to give blood, plasma or platelets. We give them the certificate they need to justify their absence to their superiors. In addition, we will now be organizing regular blood collections at government buildings during office hours.

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