For children and young people

Children and young people find first aid exciting. This makes it the ideal moment at which to learn the basics. Children and young people can learn first aid at a Red Cross Youth branch in their neighborhood. Red Cross Youth also offers an extensive range of first aid courses for youth groups and schools. In 2012, we focused heavily on collaboration with the education system.

Training for teachers and trainee teachers

To reach as many teachers as possible, we train staff at teacher-training colleges who pass on their knowledge to student teachers. In turn, those teachers will pass it on to their pupils. Secondary school teachers are trained in the same way. Using this train-the-trainer principle, we trained a total of 31 teachers and teacher-training staff in 2012. This brings the total number of School First Aid Trainers  trained to 442 (between 2008 and 2012).

In 2012, we organized 108 ‘First aid for teachers’ courses. This course includes all first aid procedures required by teachers. Schools can also request first aid courses on specific subjects.

To guarantee the quality of these first aid courses, we offered School First Aid Trainers refresher training in 2012. The School First Aid Trainers  also received top-up training on the new guidelines for AED use. In addition, we launched a whole series of new first aid publications.

First aid for school pupils

To give as many school pupils as possible the opportunity to learn first aid, we also encourage schools to include first aid in their health policies. Belgian Red Cross-Flanders educates schools to work with the Healthy School method. Red Cross certificates provide a key motivation for learning first aid at school. 

We want more pupils to gain a first aid certificate while at school. In 2012, the total number of pupils who were awarded a First Aid or Workplace First Aid certificate in secondary education was 2,682.

In 2012, we also issued a total of 361 Little Helper and 158 Junior Helper certificates.
The expanded Little Helper and Junior Helper first aid courses accounted for 554 and 276 hours of training respectively. Both primary and secondary teachers can also give shorter 2-3 hour basic first aid courses. In 2012, these basic courses accounted for 425 hours of training.

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