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For companies we offer a specially designed Workplace First Aid course. The 18-hour course teaches first aid techniques of particular relevance to a workplace environment. Participants also learn prevention and safety skills.

Interest in Workplace First Aid continues to build, with 461 new clients joining in 2012.

In 2012, our instructors provided 14,404 hours of training (up by over 11% compared with 2011) and issued 4,393 Workplace First Aid certificates. The certificate is recognized by the Federal Public Service Employment, Labor and Social Dialogue.

As first aid is evolving all the time, it is important to refresh your knowledge and skills regularly. The government requires workplace first aid trainers to complete at least four hours of refresher/further training each year. In 2012, we continued to offer a wide range of refresher courses. These cover a variety of areas from resuscitation and AEDs to epilepsy and first aid for traffic accidents.

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Number of hours of Workplace First Aid training

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