For sportsmen and women

At the request of the Flemish government (Culture, Youth, Sport & Media Department), we developed a set of first aid guidelines for recreational and competitive sportsmen and women in 2012. The guidelines explain how to prevent sports-related injuries and provide guidance on first aid.

The recommendations were drawn up in partnership with the Centre for Evidence-Based Practice (CEBaP). The guidelines were underpinned by scientific studies and with input from the target group and a multidisciplinary team of sport experts.

The result is a comprehensive package of information on prevention and first aid for the most common sports-related injuries. It includes background information, prevention and first aid guidelines, photographs and illustrations. The integrated search function enables users to search for specific information according to sporting discipline (e.g. ball sports, athletics), activity (e.g. warm-up, stretching), injury (e.g. sprain, fracture) and anatomic location (e.g. injury to neck, upper limb).

The Flemish government used these guidelines as the basis for an up-to-date website on sports safety. It also intends to produce a range of educational material based on the guidelines (leaflets, publications, posters, websites, etc.) to raise awareness about these issues among sportsmen and women.

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