African First Aid Materials (AFAM)

We want to empower vulnerable people living in the South by helping more of our sister societies develop first aid techniques and courses.

In 2010, we developed African First Aid Materials (AFAM), a package of  guidelines and teaching materials for first aid courses in Africa which is available free of charge to African Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.

AFAM is based on the results of scientific research and is tailored to the African context and African customs. The guidelines were drawn up the Centre for Evidence-Based Practice of Belgian Red Cross-Flanders (CEBaP) in collaboration with a panel of African experts.

French and Portuguese versions

French and Portuguese versions of AFAM were launched in 2012 to complement the existing English-language version. This means that even more African countries can make use of the materials.

Continued interest

We received over 100 new requests from organizations and individuals interested in AFAM in 2012. These were not only Red Cross Societies but also profit and non-profit organizations in Africa and beyond. At the end of 2012, 19 Red Cross Societies were licensed to use AFAM.
In addition, we organized training on ‘First aid in a non-western context’ for 42 cooperation experts from Belgian Technical Cooperation (BTC), making use of AFAM. BTC supports and supervises development programs on behalf of the Belgian government and other clients. It is important that their staff are well prepared for what they may encounter on the ground. A basic knowledge of first aid is part of this.

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