Asylum seeker reception

The expenditure of the Asylum Seeker Reception Department can be split into three parts.

Costs under reception agreement

The first part relates to expenditure laid down in the reception agreement with Fedasil (= Federal Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers), which in 2012 specified a maximum daily price of €39.42 per reception place per day (standard reception place). This expenditure includes all costs for basic asylum seeker reception: staff costs, rent of and investment in buildings, operating costs and overheads (use of the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders Central Supporting Services).

Costs under reception agreement

Additional costs

The second part relates to expenditure not included in this daily price but which is also covered by Fedasil or other bodies. Specifically, that means:

  • the medical costs of asylum seekers resident in our centers;
  • the costs of our integration activities: in 2012, Fedasil provided funding for the staff employed to carry out this task and some of the resources needed to organize activities;
  • guardianship of unaccompanied refugee minors. The costs incurred for this work are covered in full by the Ministry of Justice and an allowance from the Maribel social fund.

Additional costs

Costs of emergency reception centers

The third part relates to the costs of emergency reception centers.

In 2010, the federal government asked the Red Cross to provide emergency reception for asylum seekers. Due to the specific nature of these facilities, the focus of expenditure can sometimes be slightly different (e.g. basic sanitary package for the many new residents, high travel costs). Broadly speaking, however, the costs are the same as those in the regular centers.

The emergency reception center in Weelde was closed on December 31, 2012; the Houthalen-Helchteren emergency reception center closed its doors on April 30, 2013.

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