General income

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders received €157.23 million in 2012. This can be broken down by source as follows:

Breakdown of income for international operations

Gifts and legacies from individuals and companies

7.07% (€11.12 million) of Belgian Red Cross-Flanders’ income came from gifts and legacies from individuals and companies. Of this amount, €2.63 million came from the over 526,000 loyal buyers of Red Cross stickers. Sponsoring companies included BNP Paribas Fortis, Canon, Electrabel, Molenheide, NMBS/SNCB,  Proximus , Skoda, Sodexo and Spie. 

Structural subsidies for general operation

2.79% (€4.39 million) of our income consisted of structural subsidies from the federal government and the National Lottery.


Belgian Red Cross-Flanders aims to be as transparent as possible, in line with the rules of the Belgian Association for Ethical Fundraising (VEF). Figures on fundraising can be found at and in the annual report. These figures apply to Flanders only. They do not include activities that generate income from payments (supply of blood products to hospitals, payments for services to government and companies).