Volunteers are essential to Belgian Red Cross-Flanders. At the end of 2012, we had 13,643 volunteers ready to help out whenever necessary. Around 1,252 permanent staff support our operations on a day-to-day basis. As the Flemish link within the Red Cross, we have a solid organizational structure and a clear vision of where we are heading. That vision is embodied in Pledge 2015.  Our many years of experience mean that we have plenty of expertise to rely upon. We disseminated that expertise in 2012 through publications, conferences, lectures and other channels.

Red Cross volunteers

Volunteers are the backbone of Red Cross operations. At the end of 2012, Belgian Red Cross-Flanders had a total of 13,643 volunteers. They are always ready to help in a variety of ways: on a one-off or daily basis, as support workers, instructors or first-aiders, alone or in groups. The vast majority of them are active in local branches.

Volunteers: key figures

Local branches in Flanders

Elections: everyone gets a vote

Volunteer training


The Red Cross as an employer

In addition to its many dedicated volunteers, Belgian Red Cross-Flanders also requires permanent personnel to support our operations and carry out tasks which cannot be undertaken by volunteers. At the end of 2012, we had 1,252 employees. In 2012, we simplified our personnel administration through digitalization and focused heavily on employee training.

Personnel: key figures


Help to quit smoking



A link within the Red Cross

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders is not an organization with volunteers, but rather one whose policy is determined by its volunteers. Nor is it an organization for volunteers: helping people in need is the main criterion guiding all of our activities. It is also the very reason for the Red Cross’s existence. This section explains the organizational structure of the Red Cross in Flanders.

Worldwide and in Flanders

Decision-making levels within Belgian Red Cross-Flanders

Volunteer organization based on the principles of good governance

Organizational chart


Management bodies

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders has three decision-making levels: the management and policy levels and the operational level, each with its associated management bodies.

Management and policy levels (situation until March 15, 2013)

Operational level (situation until March 15, 2013)

External offices held by members of the Community Council, Governing Boards and Boards of Directors


Works Council ( situation until March 15, 2013)

Committee for Prevention and Protection in the Workplace (situation until March 15, 2013)


Disseminating and sharing experience

Belgian Red Cross-Flanders is active in many fields ranging from the provision of medical
assistance to social activities and first aid courses. Through these activities we have built up
a wealth of expertise and experience. Since our knowledge and skills are useful for everyone,
we encourage our personnel and volunteers to share them with others. This section provides
an overview of the ways in which we have disseminated our expertise.

Scientific publications

Other publications

Pledge 2015 - Progress report

Pledge 2015 (‘Afspraak 2015’) is Belgian Red Cross-Flanders’ five-year plan for the years 2011-2015 and is the Successor to Strategy 2010. The latter paved the way for structured development with measurable results. Whereas in Strategy 2010 the emphasis was on efficiency, the core value stressed in Pledge 2015 is efficacy.

Plegde 2015

Nearly half way and still on track

Examples of successes