Belgian Red Cross-Flanders digitalized its personnel administration in 2012, developing digital alternatives for payslips, meal vouchers and time recording.

Digital payslips

Until mid -2012, we sent out over 40,000 payslips and other pay-related documents to our employees each year by mail. This had a number of major drawbacks including high postage costs, delays in receipt and the potential for items to get lost in the post. Nor, of course, was it environmentally friendly.

The new web application eliminates these disadvantages, allowing us to send all our payroll documents digitally to employees. Employees receive an e-mail whenever they have new documents, which they can view anywhere via a secure website.

In July 2012, all employees with a Red Cross e-mail address were automatically switched to digital payslips. In the next phase, all other employees will be invited to use the tool with a personal e-mail address.

Electronic meal vouchers

Until the end of 2012, Humanitarian Services employees received paper meal vouchers. As of January 2013, following thorough preparations in 2012, their meal vouchers are sent electronically to a personal online account.

This method has many significant advantages:

  • Distribution: The electronic meal vouchers are in the employee’s account the day after calculation. This is a fully automated process so entails minimal administration and eliminates the need for registered mail.
  • Security: Digital meal vouchers can only be spent using a card with a PIN code. Even if the card is lost, the employee does not lose the value of the vouchers. 
  • User-friendliness: Employees can pay with the electronic meal vouchers in the same way as a credit or debit card.

Time recording using ProNet

Since 2005 we have been working with ProNet, a web tool for time recording. Employees can view their time bookings and request time off or holiday.
In 2012, all staff at asylum seeker reception centers and permanent staff at donor centers were also given access to ProNet. Since 2012, all employees have been able to consult ProNet anywhere with an Internet connection, even outside the Belgian Red Cross-Flanders network.

HR knowledge base

In 2012, we set up a knowledge database to give us a clear overview of all internal working documents on HR. We used a Wiki (based on the Wikipedia principle), which lists keywords alphabetically. The documents are available in SharePoint via several keywords and links, enabling HR employees to locate and consult them easily.

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