Examples of successes

Number of secondary school pupils gaining a first aid certificate
The goal for 2012 was to train 1,000 pupils. The final total at the end of the year was 2,682, over twice our original target.

Number of first aid trainers
The target of 600 trainers by the end of 2012 was more than met. By the end of 2012 we had 709 trainers, a rise of 6% compared with 2011.

Number of external trainers attending refresher/further training for Belgian Red Cross-Flanders trainers
One of the underlying objectives of Pledge 2015 is to create synergies. It was therefore encouraging that 145 external trainers turned up to our refresher/further training – almost 50% more than initially hoped.

Number of new donors during the year
The Blood Service succeeded in recruiting enough new donors once again in 2012: 36,817 to be precise. Another target met!

Reduction in the percentage of deviations from processes and procedures
Quality is and always will be extremely important and therefore receives a lot of attention. This is reflected in Pledge 2015. The target for 2012 was to reduce the percentage of deviations by 10%, and we achieved that goal by the end of the year.

Number of children helped under the ‘Bridging the Gap’ scheme
Our target was to help 1,415 children in 2012. We exceeded that by 50%, helping a total of 2,063 children in 110 schools. The number of schools was also significantly greater than planned (by almost 40%).

Number of ‘Zorgbib’ lending points
The number of ‘Zorgbib’ lending points in hospitals, care homes and asylum centers is steadily increasing. Not a month goes by without a new lending point opening somewhere in Flanders. 2012 was no exception. The 16 additional lending points were enough to easily exceed our target.

Prevention of medical problems among asylum seekers
The old maxim ‘prevention is better than cure’ also applies in our asylum seeker reception centers. The number of sessions for residents aimed at preventing medical problems was over 40% higher than the figure specified in the strategic plan.

Collaboration with municipalities, public social welfare centers and provinces in connection with care activities
We work with the government in many areas of activity. In 2012, we collaborated with 70 local authorities on care provision – over three times as many as planned.

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