Help to quit smoking

In 2012, staff at Headquarters, HILA, ‘Zorgbib’ and the Antwerp blood transfusion center had the opportunity to attend a ‘quit smoking’ support course run by IDEWE.

An information session was held which dealt with the various aspects of tobacco use and the different ways of combating tobacco addiction. The course consisted of 10 two-hour group meetings over a period of six months. Smokers were forced to confront their habit and its possible consequences, and were encouraged and strengthened in their resolve to quit without using aids.

The experiences of two participants, who gave up smoking after completing the course, testify to the impact of the initiative:

“I could never have done it alone. The motivation from the group and the encouragement at home helped me stay the course. Thank you for the opportunity.”
“It was really hard at first. But thinking about my health and with the support of the group and my family I managed to keep going.”

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