Pledge 2015

Pledge 2015 is an ambitious strategic plan comprising quantifiable action points. One thing is certain: the needs of the most vulnerable members of our society will remain our central concern. Pledge 2015 revolves around eight core guidelines, which also form the basis for this annual report.

  • 1. Promoting self-reliance
  • 2. Geared up for emergencies
  • 3. Leaders in blood supply. 
  • 4. Caring for the vulnerable
  • 5. Inspiring volunteers
  • 6. Working together to achieve greater impact
  • 7. Offering top-level, high-quality assistance
  • 8. Maintaining a high profile

The core guidelines are translated into 41 goals and 161 action points. This enables us to accurately measure whether we have achieved our targets.
For further information, see  (in English) and (in Dutch).

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